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KPRG relies upon membership support to help provide the island of Guam with quality public radio. Please join, renew your membership, or make an additional contribution using our online contribution and membership system. Volunteer to help KPRG continue to bring the widest variety of public radio programming to our island.

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Volunteer Coordinator - This person will coordinate the volunteer program; represent the KPRG volunteers at meetings and events; act as Liaison between volunteers and management and board; develop benefits program for volunteers
Volunteer Show Host - This person will host their own music or talk show on KPRG!
Volunteer Program Monitor - This person is an avid listener of KPRG and will record and inform KPRG management of any glitches or errors in our programming and/or broadcasts.
Volunteer Community Outreach Coordinator - This person will coordinate with various local organizations and participate in community events approved by the KPRG management and GERF Board of Trustees.



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